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Mythos XTR®-50 Wallspeaker :Overview

Introducing the Revolutionary Mythos XTR®-50
  • Perfect for use with ultra-shallow TVs
  • Only 1.5 inches (38mm) deep
  • Wall mount bracket and table stand included
  • The dynamic punch, wide frequency range and broad dispersion of full size speakers
  • Aircraft grade extruded Aluminum enclosure
  • Anodized Aluminum dome XTDD drivers
  • Pure Aluminum dome tweeter

    The Future Has Arrived!
    Science fiction films have long featured impossibly thin video screens mounted on walls or floating in air. While the floating-in-air technology might be some time off, super shallow video screens are here now. TVs less than 2 inches thick are in stores now and more are on their way. If you have an ultra-thin TV you’re going to want to use ultra shallow speakers.

    The Definitive Mythos XTR-50 is the first high performance on-wall speaker whose depth matches that of today’s ultra-thin TVs. It is a mere 1.5 inches deep when mounted on a wall, shallower than many ultra-thin TVs when they are wall-mounted with their factory sanctioned mounting hardware. Beyond its utility and clean modern styling the XTR-50 stands out due to its uncompromising sound quality equivalent to full-size speakers.

    The Mythos XTR-50 was honored with the Best of Innovations award for the High Performance Audio category at CES 2010
    Definitive’s engineers have unleashed their awesome creativity and brain power to develop this revolutionary speaker that has the high definition detail and dynamic range performance of large speakers yet is a mere 1.5” deep. No other speaker complements your ultra-slim television with more style, versatility and sheer performance.

    See the Product Overview Video

    The Thinner the TV, the Worse the Sound 
    Ultra-shallow TVs are the hottest category in TVs today. People love their space-saving qualities and elegant design. But it comes at a high cost—significantly poorer sound quality. The speakers in these ultra-thin TVs are small and poorly placed (usually on the bottom or on the back of the set) not even facing the listener. The result is sound that is good enough for news broadcasts but far from what is acceptable for sports, movies and action/adventure programming. Imagine the letdown when you return home after seeing Avatar or similar audio/visual blockbuster in a Dolby Digital cinema and turn on your TV to watch a DVD with cheap 2-inch speakers providing the sound!

    In order to equal the total high impact sight and sound experience that high definition digital sources are capable of delivering, a great TV deserves a great component audio system. And the only component loudspeakers that can deliver clarity, dynamic impact and life-like realism while matching the slim styling of new generation TVs are the XTR series models.

  • Retail $699.00 ea.


    Mythos XTR-20BP

    Introducing the XTR-20BP bipolar surround speaker

  • The perfect speaker solution when you want big, high definition sound from compact, easy-to-use speakers
  • Only 2-1/2 inches (6.4cm) deep for unobtrusive high performance
  • Perfect appearance and timbre match for Mythos XTR series front speakers
  • Bipolar driver array disperses surround sound over a wide area for enveloping effects
  • Two high-definition XTDD 3-1/2 inch mid/bass drivers for life-like clarity
  • Wall mount bracket and vertical table support stand included
  • The XTR-20BPs are yet another astonishing breakthrough for Definitive Technology. The XTR-20 matches the distinctive XTR series look – a gorgeous hand-polished, aircraft grade Aluminum enclosure. Because they use the same active drivers and tweeter as the rest of the XTR series they're perfect for use as compact, convenient surround speakers in a system made up of larger XTR main speakers.

    The XTR-20BP comes with an easy-to-use wall mount bracket and a convenienet support foot when you want to use it on shelf or table. State-of-the-art engineering technology delivers the classic level of Definitive Technology sound quality: wide, dynamic soundstage, pinpoint imaging, and superb realism. Packed into the compact enclosure are proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity, angled mid/bass drivers in PolyStone baffles, and a sophisticated Crossover Network.

    Superior Performance Components

    Each Mythos® Gem contains two 3-1/2 inch XTDD mid/bass drivers that are angled in opposite directions to broaden the midrange dispersion for the kind of diffuse soundfield sought after by home theater enthusiasts for surround loudspeakers. Use the XTR-20BPs for surround channel duties and you’ll be rewarded with spacious and enveloping surround effects that will make you feel like you’re in the cast of the movie.

    The array’s 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter produces extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

    Rock-Solid Enclosure

    Mythos Series enclosures are hand-polished gloss Black aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity. All components are mounted on a resonance-free PolyStone baffle. These rock-solid construction technologies along with state-of-the-art drivers and tweeter serve to deliver classic Definitive Technology sound quality: wide soundstage, spacious imaging, high dynamic impact, and superb realism.

    Retail $279.00 ea.



    Reference Line Source Ultimate In-Wall Speaker

    Definitive's UIW RLS In-Wall Speakers literally
    "Hide Mythos Performance in Your Wall!"

    The UIW RLS II is capable of extraordinary sonic performance, comparable to that of even the finest freestanding loudspeakers, yet it remains hidden within your walls and takes up no floor space! Add a Definitive Technology subwoofer, such as one of our IWSubs, for the addition of even more high impact perfectly blended deep bass response.

    UIW RLS II Specifications:
    Mounting Dimensions:
    Outer Flange Size: 8-1/8" W x 29-3/4" H x 3-7/8" D
    Cut-Out Size: 7 " W x 28-1/2" H
    Depth from Flange (including drywall thickness): 3-7/8"
    Frequency Response: 22Hz – 30kHz
    – Two 6-1/2" bass/mid drivers
    – Two 6-1/2" pressure-driven bass radiators
    – One 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
    Recommended Amplification: 10 – 350 watts per channel
    Nominal Impendance: Compatible with 8 ohm outputs
    Retail: $650 ea.


    IWSub 10/10
    Fully Enclosed Reference In-Wall Powered Sub with 10" Woofer

    "Extraordinary...The Perfect Subwoofer"
    —Jeff Cherun, HDTV ETC.

    IWSub 10/10 Specifications
    Outer Dimensions: 15-1/2" W x 21" H
    Cut-out Size: 14-3/8" W x 3-13/16" D x 19-7/8" H
    Recommended Amplification: See SubAmp 600
    Frequency Response: 16 Hz – 200 Hz
    Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
    Driver Complement: One 10" Long-Excursion Woofer coupled to a 10" Infrasonic Radiator
    Enclosure: Non-resonant Sealed Medite
    Net Weight: 23 lbs.
    Retail: $699 ea.

    This is just a small sample of Definitive Technology`s speaker line.
    Please check there site or have us come by your home to design a custom
    system that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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