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One powerful wireless network for today’s always connected lifestyle.

High-performance wireless solutions deliver superior signal penetration, range and clarity.
Imagine one powerful wireless network that lets you seamlessly surf the Web, talk over the phone, and even manage your home or office automation environment throughout your entire home. Now, staying connected while roaming—from the basement, to the deck, and even to the garage and patio is possible using a single wireless access point with high signal technology.
If you’re seeking a better wireless experience, we provide a high-performance wireless solution that is easy to install and maintain. Unique wireless technology utilizes delivers superior signal penetration, range and clarity for digital home applications. Our technology requires less wireless equipment, leading to less system complexity, lower total cost and a more reliable and farther reaching network.
With the advent of wireless IP telephones, entertainment systems, and other mobile devices, wireless network coverage throughout the entire home is a “must have” for the modern home owner. However, dead spots are typically inevitable when using traditional methodologies for setting up your wireless network. Traditionally, multiple access points are used throughout the coverage area to compensate for these dead spots. This may “light up” the area, but increases the complexity and reduces the reliability as mobile devices have difficulty switching from one access point to another. 
We can now provide whole-home wireless with a single wireless access point.
Also integrates seamlessly with broadband Internet, IP telephones and other popular wireless technologies to ensure a superior user experience.
When properly deployed, this product is capable of providing 8,000 square feet or more of Wi-Fi coverage from a single WAP and Router.


Reliable and wide-reaching wireless connectivity for your valued guests.

High-performance wireless solutions deliver superior signal penetration, range and clarity.

Is your wireless network an asset or a liability? In today’s hospitality industry, guests expect a fast & secure way to access their e-mail, send 
and receive important business documents and presentations, and browse 
the Internet from anywhere in your hotel. A reliable & wide-reaching wireless network is an essential service today—and your guests not only expect it, but demand it.

One of the most difficult challenges facing the hospitality industry is how to cost-effectively provide guests with access to the technologies they require, allowing them to stay connected and conduct business while they are away from the office. Wireless Internet access is often a deciding factor when booking business travel and events. With our superior signal technology, hotels and resorts are easily transformed into powerful virtual office spaces using fewer access points (as few as one per floor). In fact, our solutions improve cost efficiencies by reducing the equipment, cabling, and installation time by nearly 4-to-1. This reduction in complexity also results in lower maintenance costs and a more stable network for an improved guest experience.

We offers a variety of ready-to-install product solutions for use in the hospitality industry, depending on the layout and size of the project. Our technologies are easily configurable for the deployment of multiple wireless networks, each of which can be dedicated for unique purposes to optimize performance and the user experience. This flexibility allows for the delivery of true broadband Internet to conference rooms for such tasks as multi-media presentations and video conferencing, without compromising the performance of the high-speed wireless network in the individual guest rooms. Our unique high-performance wireless solutions utilize Circular Polarity technology to deliver superior signal penetration, range and clarity.

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