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AcoustiWeave™ Film Screen with Black Velvet Frame (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
AcoustiWeave™ screens are revolutionary in the world of perforated screens. High performance materials, exacting manufacturing tolerances, angle cut to eliminate moire', and an included scrim cloth to eliminate light reflection back through the screen make these screens industry leading and category changing. With the addition of AcoustiWeave™ to the Dragonfly screen line, you can now provide your customers the option to get the most out of their home cinema experience. By placing the front speakers directly behind the screen you overcome audio imaging problems and provide a more realistic audio experience...all without sacrificing a beautiful picture! Combine these screens with either our HT-650 (with custom alcove) or our ES-Series in-wall speakers, depending on the room size.

Hide The Speakers, Not The Sound
Professionally designed and installed home cinemas provide all of the entertainment without having to "live with" the equipment. Perforated screens are ideal for hiding the front speakers while still providing the "real cinema" experience. Take your cinema designs to the next level by placing all three front speakers behind an AcoustiWeave™ screen. In doing so you can ensure the ultimate in home movie viewing.

Are your clients worried about how bright their home cinema will be? No need to worry when you use Dragonfly screens with AcoustiWeave™ technology. Imagine a perforated screen technology that offers a true efficient gain of 1.3 (1.35 with provided black scrim). That translates into a beautiful performing screen with a brightness that rivals its matte white counterpart.


No Moiré
Moiré is the wavy and rippled image effect that results when a projected image is reflected improperly and crosses in a nonlinear geometric repetition. After months of research, we have developed the technology to eliminate Moire' affect in perforated screens. In combining the proper weave structure and angle of cut, we have created the accurate way to manufacture a woven perforated screen material. The AcoustiWeave™ technology will provide a clean, pristine picture with whatever projector and image is thrown at it.

Rich Contrast
In general, any perforated screen will let a lot of light through the screen and if the surface behind the screen reflects this light, this can lead to diminished contrast. Painting such surfaces dark is not always an option so a black scrim is included with every screen. Not only will it help with contrast, but it is acoustically transparent so it will not hinder audio performance if placed over speakers.

Rigid Aluminum Frame
Vincent Designs film screens are well known for their quick installability and high quality. Since we have already done the research to create the SnaPerfect™ screen frame, we simply used that design and construction again in our perforated screen line. The AcoustiWeave™ frame is wrapped with VelTX™ covering which absorbs any overspray. Together with the inside beveled edge, the frame is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Black Scrim Cloth Included
Every film screen with AcoustiWeave™ comes with a black scrim to install behind the screen. You can use the whole cloth to hang behind the entire screen, cut it down small enough to just place over the speakers, or any combination there of.




High Contrast Motorized Tab Tension Film Screen (16:9 Aspect Ratio) 92" 100" 106" 110" or 120"

The Tab-Tensioned Motorized Film Screen employs a high quality side tensioning system that ensures a flat, wrinkle-free screen every time. With a weight-saving aluminum case and a neutral white textured finish, all Vincent Designs Motorized Film Screens are easy to work with and blend with any decor.

No expense has been spared in the design of the Dragonfly's gearless tubular motor. The result: smooth, whisper-quiet operation with bullet-proof reliability that simply can't be matched by a gear-driven design. Of course, like all Vincent Designs Screens, you'll enjoy a crisp, accurate picture, courtesy of our multi-layer PVC screen material.

New Low-Clearance Mounting Brackets
With 5/8" clearance between the top of the screen housing and the ceiling, the Dragonfly Tab Tension Screen becomes nearly invisible, when not in use. (See illustration).

Tab-Tension System
Ensure a flat, wrinkle free screen every time.


Whisper-Quiet Tubular Motor
With no gears to fail or whine, your customers will enjoy quiet, reliable operation for years. And you'll enjoy the control you'll have in stopping the screen precisely where you need it with virtually no slack.

Flexible Activation Options
When you buy a Dragonfly, you'll never need to worry about ordering low-voltage or IR activation accessory kits. Our screens come standard with the ability to activate via 12-volt trigger, IR, or even contact-control. Everything you need, plug-and-play, right out of the box.

Lock-N-Lift Mounting System
One set of hands is all that's needed for an install, thanks to our Lock-N-Lift system. Simply lock the screen channel into both brackets and then lift and tighten into place.

High Contrast Screen Material
Fiberglass-reinforced PVC screen material produces accurate, vibrant colors and uniform brightness. All Dragonfly screen material is mildew-resistant and flame retardant.



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